Independent Project
Artifex: The AI Artist Assistant.

Becoming an Artist Using Artificial Intelligence.

Meet Artifex.
A small android programmed to help artists and creators achieve their creative dreams with Artificial Intelligence. 
It’s your virtual companion in the journey of discovery through the world of AI Artistry.
Buckle up and prepare yourself for an explosion of possibilities and
start making what you always dreamt of, but never could.

Artifex101- The Best Creative AI Tools For Artists:

Artifex lives on a niche blog site dedicated to the art of AI and holds a vast curated selection of the very best AI tools for creative projects with text, images, audio, video and virtual content.

This website was built with WordPress+Elementor taking in account good SEO practices. Affiliate marketing and Adsense integration coming soon.

In Januari 2024 the site has about 40 pages and growing…

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