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Free 4 Arts: How to become an artist in the 2020s

Freedom for Artists

I believe that creatives all over the world should get the chance to break free from the wage slavery system and become a professional artist. 

Learn how to become an artist in the 2020s by building an online business related to your art and becoming financially independent. Have complete creative freedom and become a creative entrepreneur

Origins of the book.

While recovering from a burnt out in 2022, I did research on how artists make a living nowadays, so that I could do the same.

I was especially interested in the concept of having an online business and be free to become a digital nomad.

Late 2023 I turned all the results of my research into a book. I will probably publish this book online in 2024 and it will disclose exactly how I became an artist online.

Free Online Career Course

Early 2024 I published a blog website with instructions on how anyone can become an artist in 7 steps.

The website is built with good SEO practices. Affiliate marketing strategies will be implemented later this year. Check it out here:

My Journal on Pinterest.

Meet Sigma Muse, the creative life hacker who will show you the way to freedom.

He shares his digital tools and resources that can be used to generate an income online as a creative.

Follow him becoming an independent creator in one year.
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