Independent Project
Spacenet: Sci-fi Adventure Movie Design.

Spacenet Sci-Fi Movie Concept

Concept Design and Scriptwriting

I wrote the story using The Hero’s Journey by Joseph Campbell, a book that was also a subject in my graduation project.

Inspired by movies like Labyrinth and The Dark Crystal, I wanted to tell the story using puppetry.

As a student with no budget, I looked for a very cheap and fast way to make puppets with foam and latex.

It was important that I would be able to sculpt the character in clay and then turn it into a flexible puppet without having to make any cast or mould.

To create the virtual reality worlds where the characters live in, I wanted to use miniature sets. Back then, I only had time and money for the VR pod and the flying bike.


AI Reeboot

In 2022 I started experimenting with creative AI tools and I am currently looking into making the Spacenet movie using only  puppets, scale models, an iPad and AI tools.

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