Independent Project
PopTeve: Online Puppet Television.

Combining Puppet Theatre and Video Production

During a project lasting several days, participants learnt to design and build a puppet character, write their own script and puppeteer their own character in front of a camera. They could make their own puppet video from scratch.

With Toy Puppets in a Flight Case

The idea of combining puppet theatre and video production into an educational project came to me around 2006. I started by turning a big flight case into a TV studio for small hand puppets with a green backdrop and some basic lighting.

During the very first workshops, the participants would make their own sock puppets and then use those to record a skit in the studio.

This way of working turned out not to be practical so I changed the approach…

With Foam Puppets in an Open Portable Studio

In 2012 I started facilitating workshops using a potable studio consisting of a small green or blue backdrop and some lights on stands.

Initially, workshop participants had to be able to make their own characters. So puppets had to be easy to make for beginners.
After a couple of years, it became clear that the project would not succeed so In 2014 I turned it into my next project… FX Lab Filmworkshops.

With Digital Puppets in Virtual Space

I don’t teach puppetry anymore but I have not fully lost my love for the art form yet.
I have made some movie monsters that could be considered puppets for my FX Lab project and I have experimented with digital puppetry in the last couple of years.

I will probably revive this project in the future, maybe with the help of AR, VR and/or AI.

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