Independent Project
FX Lab: Special Effects Workshops

Movie Making Education for Kids

Film education on location with a portable green screen and iPads.
Kids aged 10-12 learn how to make spectacular videos with stunts and special effects made with toys.
Experience the magic in 
the FX Video Booth (15 minutes),
during an hands on Workshop (3 hours) or during a Summer Camp (5 days).

Special Effects Movie Booth

Having a portable movie studio made it easy to also offer a Video Booth for events.

Participants would dress up, choose a background, choose an effect and shoot the video, all within 15 minutes. The end result would be a spectacular video, finished almost instantly, ready to be mailed or published online.

Special Effects Workshops

Starting in 2014, I traveled the country facilitating workshops using a portable special effects studio consisting of a green screen and some basic lights that can be set up virtually anywhere.

A separate mini studio with its own lighting is available to set up and record the miniature backgrounds. 

Also included is a great variety of costumes and props so you can dress up as an action movie hero for your video.

Special Effects Summer Camps

Between 2017 and 2020 I did several one-week summer camps. Initially they were mixed but the last ones were themed around a specific movie genre: adventure, super hero, fantasy, sci-fi and Halloween.

Besides the miniature sets, summer camps also included shooting on location, special effects puppetry, stage fighting, sword fighting, character design, FX make-up, CGI, crafting and editing.

For this project I built 20 miniature sets from old toys to be used as backgrounds.
I use these sets now to create AI videos.

Watch the videos of the booth, workshops and summer camps on FACEBOOK , INSTAGRAM and YOUTUBE.

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