Independent Content Creation

As an independent content creator, I do not work for others, I realise my own dreams.
My dreams are located on the intersection between art, technology, entertainment and education.

Basically, I make content about how to create inspiring worlds and magical characters
by c
ombining practical techniques like model making with new technology like VR, AR and AI.

Practical Effects & Digital Magic

Spacenet, movie concept design

Movie Concept Design

Concept design for a movie about a boy who gets lost in virtual reality. To be made using only puppet characters and miniature backgrounds.
(2001-2002) MORE…

Online Puppet Television

Puppet theatre and TV broadcasting merge in a wacky concept where all programming is created during workshops about puppetry and video effects.
(2007-2013) MORE…

Special Effects Education

Movie making workshops on location with a mobile green screen studio. Teaching kids how to make special effects using toys and an iPad.
(2014-2020) MORE…

Virtual Theme Park

Design for a virtual reality theme park celebrating the art of special effects in the movies of the 80’s. Includes rides, shops, shows and a museum.
(2018-2021) MORE…

Online Career Course

Learn how to become a free artist in the 2020s with ‘Freedom for Artists’. Start your own online business and become a creative entrepreneur.
(2022-2024) MORE…

AI Artist Assistant

Curated collection of the very best AI tools for artists. Exploring new frontiers in art and technology by creating content with artificial intelligence.
(2023-2024) MORE…